GitHub Game Off 2018 - Hybrid

GitHub Page : https://github.com/maxnatchanon/Kontroller

Want a controller-gaming experience without any controller?
This game will transform your traditional keyboard into a controller!! [very_loud_cheer.mp3 intensifies]

How to play

First, you have to hold your keyboard in a controller style.
This game support both with- and without- numpad keyboard.
Hey, but what if I want to play this on notebook?
No worry! just hold your notebook in a controller style!!

In this game, you controls a spaceship. (yes, that cute little triangle)  
Your job is to shoot those green aliens and do not let them reach the bottom of the screen. Simple, right?  
You have 3 skills to help you. The game will get harder and harder as your score goes up. 

I recommend you to play it with the default control mapping first. If it doesn't work or feel difficult to play with your keyboard layout, you can remap it. (More detail in update section below)

If you see black screen, please wait a second. 
It might take a little time to load the game for the first time.


  • Added keys remapping function.
If the default mapping doesn't work with your keyboard layout or conflict with your browser shortcut, you can remap them by pressing SPACE key in tutorial screen to enter remap screen. (CAPS LOCK key not supported)


Thanks freesound.org for the awesome sound effects and bgms.

If you found any bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know via the comment, GitHub or email!

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Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Arcade, Experimental, Singleplayer, Space

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GamePad Win Ultrabook

yes, ikr, one of the example you can play this on.

I like the concept, but someone like me can't play since my mechanical keyboard lacks the numpad. Maybe I'll try digging around for my full size keyboard so I can try this out.

Thanks for the feedback!

For the keyboard that doesn't have numpad, you can use / and ' keys (near shift and enter) as shoot and skill buttons.

And I'm working on remap function to remap the buttons if the default buttons feel hard to play for some kb layout.

Fantastic idea!

Excellent idea! I love it!!

Love the idea, but it doesn't seem to work with the number pad. Can't stretch my fingers that far!

(1 edit)

I added 3 and + on numpad for fire and skill buttons.

Please let me know if it works or not.

Yep that worked! May want to add it to the intro screen check where it says "Press Fire to Continue" as well

Oh I forgot that.

Thanks for the feedback!

great idea 

you are a smart boy


damn, I love the idea much, but my notebook is too heavy to play this game :(